Radek Ładczuk - cinematographer. Member of the Polish and European Film Academy as well as the Polish Society of Cinematographers (PSC). Has completed a Masters Degree in Cultural Studies at the Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań as well as graduating from the Cinematography Stream at the Lodz Film School, Poland. Currently lives in Warsaw; working both in Poland and overseas.
Radek first became interested in film during his studies in Poznań, when together with Sebastian Buttny he began to create amateur film projects. Radek dedicated his Master’s Thesis: “Visualisations of Ideology”, to the creativity of great Polish Cinematographer, Jerzy Wójcik. The Awards and commendations that he received for his amateur work encouraged him to try out for the Lodz Film School. Studying Cinematography was for Radek a time of intense creative work in a friend-filled environment. He completed over twenty short form projects in collaboration with students form the Directing Stream. Such films as: Luksus, The Journalist and For a Miracle won many awards at various prestigious film festivals.
In 2003 an add which he shot POP Idea, won a prize at the Student Advertising Film Festival by Kodak. A year later at the same festival Ładczuk was awarded for the film’s cinematography.
In 2005, together with his film school colleagues, Ładczuk created a feature length film: Ode to Joy, he was cinematographer for a seaside novella directed by Maciej Migas, which received a Special Prize of the Jury at the 30th Feature Film Festival in Gdynia, Poland. In the meantime he also collaborated with the Wajda School of Film, an shooting footage for documentary projects, amongst which was the Award winning film: Antiques and The Cure, directed by Maciej Cuske.
In 2006, Melodrama directed by Filip Marczewski with cinematography by Ładczuk was nominated by the American Film Academy, for a student Oskar for Foreign Short Film.
In 2011 Radek was awarded the Andrzej Munk Prize for a cinematography debut for the film: Suicide Room directed by Jan Komasa. The same film also received multiple prestigious awards at 19th International Camerimage Film Festival in Bydgoszcz, including Best Cinematography Debut and Best Cinematography for a Polish Film. Radek was also awarded the prize of the Golden Duck, decided by the readers of FILM magazine. The World Premiere of Suicide Room took place at the Berlin Film Festival, where the film opened the Panorama Section. A national cinema release in Poland secured the film an audience of over 800 000.
Ładczuk’s next cinematic success was the film You Are God, telling the story of a kult hip-hop group – Paktofonika. The film received an audience of over one and a half million during it’s Polish Cinema release. For You Are God Radek was nominated for the PSC Prize (Polish Society Od Cinematographers) as well as the Eagle Prize for Best Cinematography awarded by the Polish Film Academy.
In 2012 Radek Ładczuk began his work on international film projects. At the beginning of the year he was the DOP for an Israeli production Princess directed by Tali Shalom Ezer, afterwards he shot a Palestinian short film, Izriqaq directed by Ramy Mari as well as an Australian feature film; a thriller titled The Babadook directed by Jennifer Kent. The Babadook was officially selected for the 2014 Sundance Film Festival in Park City.
Radek Ładczuk’s latest cinematographic pursuit was a theatre in film project: It’s Good Between Us directed by Grzegorz Jarzyna, which will premiere in 2014.
Apart from Films, Radek also works as a cinematographer for visual art installations, advertisements and music videos.